21 Day Breakthrough Fast – A Prayer

Here is a prayer the leaders of TLC are praying together during the fast. You are welcome to join us!

Father, as I fast and pray this year help me to hear your voice more clearly and accurately than ever before.  Speak to me the things you want me to hear, the things I haven’t been listening to up to this point. Help me to be holy before you and to not be comfortable with darkness. Cleanse me of all my sin and help me overcome bad habits that have developed in my life. Also help me establish Godly habits that will honor you and keep me close to you.

Help me be courageous and not cowardly in the face of danger and opposition. Help be defend righteousness and stand up to darkness. Forgive me for the times I have been to afraid to do the right thing. Please give me boldness, faith and courage. Help me to not misplace my concerns. I want to be concerned about the right things at the right times. I want to be more concerned about others needs than my own needs. I want to be more concerned about seeking you first and have the faith that you will supply all my needs. Father I do not want to sleep while others are suffering. I don’t want to get hard-hearted and not care about the suffering or the needs of others. Help me to be aware of their cries and minister to their needs. Let your compassion well up within me and your power enable me.

When difficulties arise help me care more, instead of caring less. Please soften my heart and help me to be less judgmental and harsh. Help me to see their abused and dying condition and spring into action to make life better for them. Forgive me for the times when my comfort was more important than reaching out and meeting their needs. Give me wisdom to make better decisions. Help me honor others better, even those who it seems hard to honor. Help me perform deeds of compassion and love for them. When I fail help me correct the mistakes and keep moving forward. Help me be the Christian I am supposed to be in my generation and in the Upper Clearwater region.

Father, help me obey you, do what you ask, and stay where you call me. Help me to plant where you tell me to plant, even if it is in an area of famine. Help me to have strength in the areas I was once weak in. Teach me to be fruitful and not just faithful. I want to produce much fruit and see you glorified in my generation. Help me embrace my assignments from you, believe, and have faith to see you change things for the better. I pray you will make me harder than the hardest places I will have to labor in. You can make an army out of dead dry bones. Make me the person, leader and minister you have called me to be. Help me overcome every obstacle and gain every victory you have ordained for me. I pray for resources, faith, strength, wisdom, insight, power, humility and courage. Be glorified in me and our church. Give us breakthroughs in every area of our life. In our health, our families, our thoughts, our spiritual callings and giftings; give us breakthroughs in areas we are not even aware we need breakthroughs in!

Posted in TLC Devotional on January 9, 2013.