21 Day Breakthrough Fast – Alignment

We all have to get our vehicles aligned. If we don’t then our car will pull left or right, it will take more effort to keep it going straight down the road and we will wear out our tires very quickly. It is also dangerous because in those moments when we are distracted the mis-alignment is pulling us towards the ditch or towards oncoming traffic. Also if our tires wear unevenly we could have a blow out and wreck. We can get a cheap one axle alignment or we can get the better thrust alignment where all four wheels are aligned. 

In our spiritual life we should be getting aligned quite often by prayer, Bible reading, going to church, reading books, having good conversations etc… but we also need a more comprehensive alignment too. Fasting helps you bring your desires into alignment with God’s desires. When you tell your flesh no and discipline yourself to seek God it is amazing the alignment that happens. Sometimes we know we need adjusted. Our attitude is bad, we are only seeing the bad things in people and situations, we are depressed or mad … Other times we aren’t aware of the things God is wanting to tell us and do in us but we discover them with prayer and fasting. As you align yourself with fasting we are praying with you that you will experience many breakthroughs. Make sure you share the testimonies with us!

Posted in TLC Devotional on January 13, 2013.