21 Day Breakthrough Fast – Hungry

We all understand hunger. Every day it is present with us. How many times do we say we are hungry for something, longing for something, but not quite sure what? As we fast the hunger for food or the other things we might be fasting seems to grow and try to take center stage. If food is your greatest hunger you  simply won’t fast. When you hunger more for God, His power, His favor, His guidance etc… then fasting becomes much easier.

What are you hungering for today? What do you need most today? Do you need a breakthrough in your relationships, your mental health, your physical health or something else? Do you hunger for wisdom and understanding? Do you hunger for the ability to forgive and get past a painful event or experience? Hunger is a good thing. Not the hunger for evil or the temptations for destructive things but the hunger for something more and something better. Let your good hungers drive you. Follow them. Identify them. Satisfy them!

Posted in TLC Devotional on January 8, 2013.