21 Day Breakthrough Fast – Passion

Loving God Passionately! That is one of our greatest values here at The Life Center. We need to raise our level of passion constantly. I think there is a hole in our passion bucket that requires us to be constantly pouring more passion into it to keep it full. When we let up it leaks out and our passion shrinks faster than our bank account after payday. We need an infusion of passion on a consistent basis.

Fasting is one way to crank up the passion. Jentezen Franklin says this: “As the church, the people of God, it is time to shake off the restraints of ‘political correctness’ when it comes to passion for The Lord. God is not moved by political correctness; He is moved by our passion for Him. From Genesis to Revelation, taking up your cross, following the Lord, turning from wickedness and dying to the flesh are all part of being a Christian. But the church is becoming so carnal that it is now common to hear those who fast, pray and seek His face referred to as ‘fanatics.’ It is not nutty to go without food for a set portion of time so that we can know God better. What’s nutty is  settling instead for a mediocre, lukewarm relationship with Jesus.”

Fasting helps us Love God Passionately and Love Others Purposefully!

Posted in TLC Devotional on January 15, 2013.