21 Day Breakthrough Fast – Persistence

Persistence breaks resistance. Jentezen Franklin says one of the things the enemy hates about fasting is persistence. That is why I love longer fasts like a 21 day fast. When you make it through the first few days with Satan telling you that you can’t make it – you get stronger and stronger while the resistance gets weaker. When Jesus finished His 40 day fast the devil ran from Him! Persistence is how many of the miracles in the Bible occured. The lady with the bleeding issue suffered for years, spent all her money on doctors and wasn’t any better but she persisted until one day she touched Jesus and was totally healed. Jesus felt power leave him and heal her. (Luke 8) She felt the power of Jesus because of her persistence – and He felt her.   

Fasting not only positions you to feel God but it also positions you for Him to hear your hearts cry as well. Whatever forces have been resisting what God has coming in your life, your persistence will break the resistance. Don’t quit. Finish strong! 

Posted in TLC Devotional on January 18, 2013.