21 Day Breakthrough Fast – Receiving

Fasting, many times is about clearing the way so we can receive breakthroughs, instruction, and empowerment from God. It is about positioning yourself with intentionality, humility and obedience. God has things prepared for us. He desires to give us wisdom, power and many provisions. Some of those things come easily and almost automatically but many times the best things require a little more effort and time. If you want a good meal it takes some time to prepare, if you want fast food you can just drive by and they will throw it in your window! When we want and need the best things from God we have to seek Him with all our heart; we have to fast and pray. There are some things God can’t just throw in our window as we drive by. It is our Father’s good pleasure to give us the Kingdom, He is not resistant towards us at all but the best things take a little more time.

As we seek God in prayer and fasting we position our selves to receive. So receive today. Make your requests. Open your ears, eyes and heart wider. Be intentional and specific in your requests. Then ask God to show you anything He wants to show you and give you anything He wants to give you. Hebrews 10:35-36 “Therefore do not cast away your confidence, which has great reward. For you have need of endurance, so that after you have done the will of God, you may receive the promise”  I am praying for your endurance as we finish this fast and that you would receive the fullness of God’s promises in your life!

Posted in TLC Devotional on January 20, 2013.