21 Day Breakthrough Fast – The Edge

Our “Book of the Month” is Jentezen Franklin’s book “The Fasting Edge” . You will notice many of these fasting blogs will be inspired from this book. Jentezen reminds of us the story of the young prophet losing his ax head in the river from 2 Kings 6. As we work and go through life we lose our edge. The calling and passion of his life was to be a prophet but he currently was a tree chopper. When he lost the ax head he could have tossed the handle aside, found a stump to sit on and gave up. When we lose our edge we can be tempted to give up, complain a lot, blame others etc… We can think all is lost and it is impossible to regain it but… with God all things are possible. It is time to believe God for what looks and feels impossible. Fasting helps us do this.

First we need to make up our mind that we are going to get our edge back. 

The second thing we must do to regain our edge is confess that we have lost it. Don’t suffer in silence, don’t stay in denial. When the young prophet cried out that he had lost the ax head Elisha interacted with him, discovered where he lost it, cut off as stick, threw it in the water and made the ax head float to the surface. It was a miracle for sure but our God does miracles with ease. He then told the young prophet to pick it up himself. 

The third thing we need to do is take action while the opportunity exists. God could have made the ax head fly back on the handle but we have our part to play too. God always asks us to take some action. What action is God wanting you to take today? 

As we fast we are believing for sharp ideas to come our way, sharp relationships with new people, improved relationships with other people and cutting edge creativity will flow our way. 

Posted in TLC Devotional on January 4, 2013.