21 Day Breakthrough Fast – Tune In

Fasting clears the way for us to refocus and hear the heart of God. Fasting is a choice  you and I can make to interrupt “life as usual” in order to hear that God wants to do and how He wants to use us to make a difference in someone else’s life. 

It is amazing how saying no to one thing helps us say yes to other better things. When we shift our focus away from our physical senses to our spiritual senses we increase our awareness of God, His voice and His will. We don’t need another burger or another super salad near a much as we need to connect with God and discover His directions and desires for our life. God really loves us and He has prepared good things for us. He has strength and wisdom available for us in the difficult times and He has a path to lead us into abundant life, peace and joy too. Not only does He love us, He loves the people around us and many times He is looking for someone to use to bless another person. However it is hard to focus on the needs of others if we are busy stuffing our face and meeting our own needs as a priority. 

I have had times of fasting where God seemed so close and I received many wonderful things from Him but I have also had times where it didn’t feel like I was any closer and only received maybe one small piece of information from Him. It is not all about our feelings either. The times I didn’t feel like the fast was that effective may have been the times that God did the most in me and my seeking Him produced great results later that year. Fasting is not dieting. Add prayer, study and conversation with other Christians to your time of fasting. Tune in, God is broadcasting all the time!

Posted in TLC Devotional on January 5, 2013.