Every Christian’s Calling

Every Christian is called out of, into and for something.

We are called out of sin and our old way of thinking. Sin is designed to destroy us and our old ways of thinking are too limiting. If we know the truth the truth will set us free. Freedom unshakles our potential and destroys limitations. 

We are called into the church. The church is God’s answer for the world. We are His body and His bride. Church is God’s idea and it is a great idea. Church is not optional and we can’t get cynical and stay away just because things get messy at church from time to time. Be careful what you say about church … you are talking about God’s bride and He is pretty protective. He loves her! We should love her too.

We are called for serving. When we focus on serving and using our time, talents and treasures for God we don’t have time to judge, complain, gossip, feel like a victim etc … Jump in, take up  your cross, use your passions and your gifts, and serve. Many times we need to get our eyes off ourselves, off our own problems and pain and just help somebody else. Love God passionately and love other purposefully. You are called for something. Engage! You will love it!

Posted in TLC Devotional on July 22, 2013.