When someone gives us a gift what do we usually do with it? Open it and show it to others and then praise the giver. God has given us all gifts but instead of opening them many of us have put them away. The Word says in 1 Cor. 12 that all are given gifts. It even gives a list of these gifts. Many of us have no idea what our gifts are or that we even have them because we have listened to voices tell us that what we had was not important or was of no use in the Kingdom. The enemy wants us to ignore our gifts and let them sit in the box. We need to make an effort to find out what gifts God has given us and then find out what He want us to use them for. He has given each of us these things so that we can reach the destinies that He has planned for us. What could a church full of people aware of and using their gifts to further The Kingdom do! Nothing is impossible if God is in it. So seek out those gifts that God has given you and start using them. Don’t be like the man with the one talent in The parable found in Matthew. Don’t bury your talent because you are afraid, take it out of the ground and make it multiply.

Kerstin Hawkes

Posted in TLC Devotional on March 19, 2016.