Give your bucket to Jesus!

Imagine that every morning you wake up get ready for your day and you cannot leave your home with out a bucket. When you leave in the morning your bucket is empty and easy to carry but as the day moves ahead you pick things up. You meet a friend and they tell you they are having a hard time, you put a rock in the bucket. You have a disagreement at work, another rock goes into the bucket. You see a picture in a magazine and say to yourself “Why don’t I look like that?” There is another rock in the bucket. Soon it’s the end of the day, so many things have happened it is so hard to carry your bucket. You take the bucket home and leave it by the door and go to bed. In the morning you pick up the bucket to leave but it is heavy and go about your day still adding more and more rocks. Soon there are so many that you cannot lift it by yourself so you just give up as more and more rocks are piled on. How can you live that way? But what can you do?
Those rocks are the burdens and lies we pick up during our lives sometimes they get so heavy we cannot stand up under them. We feel there is no where to turn. But there is a place we can lay our burdens any problems that seem impossible. Give them to Jesus! Take that bucket of rocks and give it to Him. He can take those things that we see as impossible pieces of gravel and turn them into precious jewels. This takes time and will only happen if we remember to leave our burdens with Jesus, if we keep picking them back up the process will have to start over. If we let our “rocks” stay with Jesus he can put them through the refinery and give us the precious beautiful things back from what we thought were our failures and flaws.

Kerstin Hawkes

Posted in TLC Devotional on March 27, 2016.