Jump out of the Fishbowl

Jesus wants us to share His love with others. These others are outside of the church. But many of us spend our lives only inside the church, surrounded by church people. We have our scheduled service, we have our special spots we have our groups of people we talk to every week. We are like tropical fish. We have to have things just right. Never messy, or uncomfortable. If something even a small thing changes in the environment of tropical domestic fish, the shock can be harmful. The church world can become like a tropical fish aquarium if we don’t keep our eyes on the mission Jesus set before us. We need to be like the Steelhead and Salmon! Moving from our comfortable freshwater into the messy ocean. We need to get out of our fishbowl and start showing the world what Jesus can do.
Did you know a fish’s potential for growth is determined by the size of the tank? When the Steelhead and Salmon first head to the ocean they are little but when they return they have grown into the big fish that get people’s attention. This is true for us too, if we keep ourselves locked away from the world in our small comfortable box we limit God. If we take ourselves out of our little fishbowls we can be that person that leads others to Jesus because we can reach our full potential by reaching others. Jump out of the fishbowl and into the ocean. What do you say? Let’s explore.

Kerstin Hawkes

Posted in TLC Devotional on April 23, 2016.