Keep Saying Yes To God

This seems pretty simple but for many it isn’t very easy. God is God. He is for us and He loves us! He is all knowing, all powerful and everywhere all at once. If He asks us, or tell us, to do something why would we argue and resist Him? Yet we do. 

It is crazy that somehow we think our way is better than God’s way or that we can carve out a better future for ourselves than God has planned for us. God definitely can scare us with His requests and plans. He seems to have a lot more faith in us than we have ourselves or even in Him many times. There are times we just don’t see how doing what God wants will work out; but He can see the end from the beginning and already knows that it will happen and exactly how it will happen. 

So our part of the equation is to simply trust God, know He has it all figured out and that His will is always best for us. Our part is to just keep saying yes, buckle up and navigate through the details. Why would we say no to God? 

Posted in TLC Devotional on August 17, 2013.