Keep Your Love On

Loving God Passionately and Loving Others Purposefully

It is easy to get distracted from full and unconditional love. So many things threaten to minimize our love. We can get hurt, sick, disappointed, discouraged, delayed, offended … and turn our love off. Too many times we feel like people have to qualify to be loved by us or to be connected to us. God clearly tells us to love, forgive, give, go the extra mile, think the best rather the worst, to stay connected and to keep our love on!

Too many times our goal is correction vs. connection. Sometimes in our conversations we seek to fix rather than to understand. We can get defensive, and swap our goal of connection to a goal of disconnection. You control your love. You can keep it turned on full blast like a fire hose or let it become a drip hose.

Keeping our love on is an internal job rather than an external job. Don’t allow the things outside you to control your love and the intensity of it. 1 Corinthians 13:8 tells us “Love never fails.” Keep your love on. I know it is scary at times. It feels risky to keep loving no matter what. Go ahead and do it anyway. Jesus did not create distance with broken people, He created connection!

Conditional love means that we are willing to pull away from our connection under certain curcimstances. Unconditional love says “No matter what you do I am still going to pursue the goal of connection with you!”

Danny Silk has written a powerful book with this title “Keep Your Love On.” I highly recommend we all read it and study it. You will love the results!

Posted in TLC Devotional on February 13, 2015.