Stones of Remembrance


Our stories are God’s stories. They show those around us that it doesn’t matter where you have been. God can use that place you were for His Glory. The enemy wants us to believe the lie that if we tell our stories, people will look at us with scorn or pity or even rejection. Satan knows how powerful our stories are.
God wants us to tell our stories so that others can see Him the way we do. As a loving God who forgives us, to give us a new life. But first we have to move past the lies. Yes people will look at us differently. But it will not be with pity or scorn or rejection it will be with amazement. Amazement because of what God has done for us! They will think Wow! If God can do that for them, after all that, I want to know a God like that.
Our stories have the power to save lives. There are people out there who are struggling in the same way that we were, and they have no idea that God could love them. They don’t know that God can forgive them and use them to bring others to the Kingdom. They have built walls from the Stones of Remembrance of their pasts and have no idea how to knock those walls down and become overcomers. When we tell our stories it shows them that it is possible to move on from our pasts and grow into what God has planned for us.

Kerstin Hawkes

Posted in TLC Devotional on May 30, 2016.