Valuing Each Other

This week we had a great event. We learned about the four different generations on the earth right now. We learned about their tendencies, their strengths and what motivates them. There is way too much information to put in a blog like this but we have it recorded on CD and we have some very informative handouts too.  Ask for it at our Information Center.

Each person in every generation is valuable. We all have some amazing strengths and motivations. If we understand these things we can appreciate one another more than ever before. If we are not careful we can think negatively of people who are different than us, we can misunderstand them and even mistreat them. God says we should love one another. We should have unity, peace and  celebrate each other. Many times I hear people say , “I just don’t understand those people.” Well … we can understand them.

Here is just a few things about each generation.

Matures (Age 68-104) are loyal, honor and duty are important, dedication and sacrifice is normal. Doing a good job is very important to them.

Baby Boomers (Age 49-67) are workaholics, driven and competitive, optimistic, soul searchers, defined by their job /work ethic and value personal development/health.

Generation X (Age 35-48) are global thinkers, informal, self-reliant, family centered, pragmatic, and are technology literate. 

Millennials (Age 34 and younger) Optimistic, confident, individualistic, entrepreneurial, inclusive, prefer collective action, like global concerns and higher causes, acknowledge and admire select authorities, looking for leaders close to home, ambitious and tenacious. 

We love all generations at TLC. We see great value in each person. We love diversity. We study things like this so we can learn to appreciate each other even more and learn to communicate to each other better. Come learn with us. Come love with us!

Posted in TLC Devotional on March 17, 2013.