Volunteer Appreciation

Had a great night of celebrating the  work of our volunteers. We love our volunteers. Together they racked up 57,639 hours in the last 12 months! We have had 44 salvations, 16 water baptisms and gave over $25,000 to missions and benevolent needs. We had over 111 volunteers, 115 serving opportunities and around 50 ministries and events. No wonder we all are so tired!

It was a great night. We loved having everyone together to eat, visit and celebrate the accomplishments. Kathleen and Arby were the ones who did the most work setting it all up and seeing to all the details. They are great pastors and friends to us all. We love them and appreciate all they do. Others who served the volunteers were Joshua and Kelsy Colwell, Johny and Bailey Schuster and myself.


Volunteers – Experiencing the joy! Enjoying the experience!

Posted in TLC Devotional on August 23, 2012.