We’re Expanding!

If you have been around lately you already know we are in expansion mode! We have been having team meetings as we plan to build phase #2 at our building in Kamiah. We have launched a new site in Lewiston and are looking forward to having a great ministry in that location too. Some days it seems like we are crazy and other days it just seems crazy good that so many things are happening all at the same time.

Several new things are happening in our ministry schedule too. Wednesday nights have shifted to a new focus and time. We are calling it “Higher Living” and it will be a one hour meeting starting at 6 PM. We will be focusing on teachings that will helps is grow in every area of our life and will be great for our career and business too. God has a lot of important things to say to us about all of this. Our goal is for everyone to be in at least two of these “Higher Living” meetings each month. You will love these teachings and we encourage you to invite others to attend as well.

You will also be hearing about new Life Groups launching soon. Jonathan Luhnow will be our Life Group coordinator. You will be hearing from him soon. Sign up for a Life Group and connect with some new people!

Last month we did a series of messages about Expanding. We talked about Up Sizing our life and how God is inviting us to gain some new ground. We talked about how God was opening up some new doors for us. Some are brand new opportunities and experiences while others are doors our enemy has closed and tried to keep locked out. We also talked about following Holy Spirit and His leading in our life.  Our final teaching was about confidence. It takes confidence to expand and do new things. God has the perfect formula for us to get the confidence we need and want. Check out the teachings here by clicking our “Online Sermons” if you missed them, or maybe take another listen to your favorite one.

We are in a season of expansion. Make sure you engage and expand with us. God has amazing plans for each one of us and for our church too!

Posted in TLC Devotional on October 13, 2013.