January Book of the Month

The Two Demon Spirits That All Demons Get Their Strength From

Exposing The Secret Strategies of the Enemy.

A significant breakthrough in revelation, author Steve Foss exposes two of the most devastating and hidden demons that Satan has ever released.

From the Garden of Eden until our present day, Satan has used the same secret strategy to bind, oppress, confound, and deceive mankind.

This prophetic revelation given in a vision to Foss exposes the secret strategy of the enemy and gives readers the keys to total victory.

You can defeat this dynamic duo and receive complete freedom to fulfill God’s destiny for your life.

About the Author
Steve Foss is a carrier of revival fire and travels the nations of the world seeing multitudes changed by the power of God’s presence. Through the Holy Spirit, he is impacting this next generation through the Word of God with signs and wonders following. In 1990, God opened the door for Steve to help create Young Warriors, a very successful ministry under Morris Cerullo World Evangelism. He has ministered to millions and has seen multitudes saved and even more baptized in the Holy Spirit around the world. God has used Steve to train more than eighty thousand pastors and leaders in various schools of ministry from more than seventy nations.


Posted in BOM on January 26, 2014.