July Book of the Month

Who Said Following Jesus Was Supposed to Be Safe?

In 2005 Caleb Bislow decided safety was overrated. Realizing there is nowhere on earth beyond the reach of God’s love, he became what might be called an “extreme missionary,” traveling to some of the world’s most dangerous and despised places. From warring tribal villages in Africa to red-light districts in Asia to Guatemalan prisons, Caleb witnessed God’s light break through the darkness again and again.

Are you tired of playing it safe? Filled with unforgettable stories of what can happen when men and women completely surrender to God’s lead, Dangerous will help you see how He can use each of us no matter where in the world we are.

Includes resources to help you get started on your own adventures.

“A book for aspiring heroes, about real heroes, by a quiet hero.” Bear Grylls, British Adventurer and TV Star

“If it was not for Caleb living out the principles of this book, I probably would not be alive today. May God bless every person who reads this book.”–Ruth, refugee and sole survivor of a rebel attack in the Democratic Republic of Congo

“What would it take to persuade you to abandon the security of your family and home and venture into unknown, perilous corners of the world? For Bislow, there was one answer: a burning desire to spread the gospel message where no one else would go. Dangerous is both a call to fearless evangelism and Bislow’s personal testimony of God’s provision on the mission field. This book aims specifically toward mobilizing and empowering youth. Bislow advocates a brand of extreme but biblical Christianity that encourages sacrificing everything for the sake of Christ. His international emphasis risks minimizing evangelistic opportunities within one’s local community, but it is also an inspiring reminder to brave the world outside your comfort zone. The appendix connects readers with existing resources and ministries for individuals interested in pursuing international ministry, especially one in dark, dangerous, and despised places of the world.”–Church Libraries


Posted in BOM on July 26, 2014.