June Book of the Month

From the Inside Flap

A true story both heartbreaking and redemptive

Hattie Kauffman has interviewed presidents, Oscar winners, astronauts, and Olympians. She’s covered wildfires and murder trials and delved into personal interest stories. But while she uncovered the stories behind big personalities and events, her own story remained untold.

In this beautifully written memoir, you’ll get an inside look into the events that shaped this remarkable woman who thought she’d left the ghosts of childhood behind her. But when her world came crashing down one autumn day, she was forced to face all that she had been running from. What she learned about herself surprised her.

She was never alone in her flight and, indeed, had never needed to run in the first place.|Hattie Kauffman made history as the first Native American journalist to ever file a report on a national network evening news broadcast, and she has over two decades of experience as an on-camera correspondent and news anchor for ABC and CBS. She is a member of the Nez Perce Tribe of Idaho and is also a speaker and writer.

From the Back Cover

“Hattie Kauffman is determined, focused, and a gifted reporter and storyteller. Now I know where she gets it from. Hattie’s story of how she ‘made it’ is the quintessential American success story, only Hattie’s childhood was so impoverished she couldn’t afford the bootstraps to pull herself up with.”–Deborah Norville, anchor of Inside Edition andNew York Times bestselling author

“Hattie Kauffman has a gift. She has always known how to get to the heart of every story. Now she shares what’s in her own heart. And that’s the best story yet.”–Harry Smith, veteran television journalist, CBS/NBC

“A compelling story of life–every dimension of life–well told. From agony to deliverance, from a shattered heart to faith, Hattie’s story will resonate at some level with everyone. Read this book. It will nourish your soul.”–Larry W. Poland, PhD, chairman and CEO of Mastermedia International

“Kauffman teaches us that the seeds of God’s love grow strongly oftentimes in the soil of suffering and always in the sunshine of surrender. Whatever cliff you are on, whatever abyss you are facing, Falling into Place will fill you with hope for a better tomorrow.”–Michael Guillen, PhD, former Harvard physics instructor and science editor of ABC News; bestselling author of Can a Smart Person Believe in God?

Posted in BOM on June 26, 2015.