October Book of the Month

Jesus prophesied that prior to his return the whole Church will be asleep (Mt. 25:5). So why is the Church asleep, and what are the consequences?

In Are We Ready for Jesus? How to Prepare for His Return, Nelson Walters offers an explanation and challenges the Church to begin preparing for the most important event the world will ever see.

Many Christians are apathetic, believing that ”Hard times won’t affect me.”
— Find out how the end times will affect you, and what to do.
— Uncover THE sign of Jesus’s return.
— Learn how to evade deception from within the Church, and how to avoid ”falling away.”
— Discover the signs leading to the rise of the Antichrist and where to look for him.
— Recognize the importance of attitude in enduring the coming storm, the role of Israel, and how we need to respond to God’s people.

Jesus commanded us over thirty times to be observant and watchful for his return. Heed the warnings and make sure you’re ready.


Posted in BOM on October 26, 2015.