21 Day Breakthrough Fast – Affect Generations

Every generation connects to the one before it and the one following it. The breakthroughs we get, or fail to get, will affect everyone around us. God wants us to win for ourselves but He also wants us to win for our generation and the generations following. God wants to get us over stuff. He wants to get us through the barriers. He wants to show us things, give us things and establish new strengths in our life. 

Fasting helps us maximize our life. Don’t minimize your problems, fears and pains. Don’t decide to live with them. Breakthrough all the things that threaten to hold you back and limit you life. Do it for yourself. Many times we won’t do things for ourselves but we will do it for someone we love. So, do it to positively affect and maximize the generations following us.

Posted in TLC Devotional on January 14, 2013.