21 Day Breakthrough Fast – God of Breakthroughs

1 Chronicles 14:11 God has caused me to breakthrough on my enemies, like the breakthrough of many waters! David was needing a breakthrough. The enemy had assembled in the valley of giants to war against David and Israel. David received his breakthrough and so will we!

There are times when it feels like we are in the valley of giants too. Big things stand against us. The enemy is threatening us, life is hard and the timing is critical. If we are alone and relying on our own strength, wisdom and experience we are finished. However we are not alone! We serve the God of Breakthroughs! David sought The Lord, received the instruction and encouragement he needed, and he went out and won the battle, and the next battle and the next battle!

We serve this same God of Breakthroughs. When we seek God through prayer and fasting we will get victorious results too. Our time of fasting will serve us well. Some may want to extend their fast for a while longer while others will go on the strength of this fast for a long time. Either way we will get our breakthroughs. God will continue to strength, enlighten and sustain us. He will give us much wisdom and strength. He will give us victory and breakthroughs.  Every time we fast, every time we seek God, every time we humble our self God will give us breakthroughs. 

Posted in TLC Devotional on January 21, 2013.