March Book of the Month

Does God care about the little decisions you have to make every day?

The Bible is full of spiritual wisdom. But does God provide specific direction for real-world questions? Questions like Is this the right job? and Which college should my child attend?

The answer is a resounding yes. And in this practical guide, you will discover how to access God’s divine wisdom in any situation.

Join author Jane Glenchur as she shares the seven secrets to praying with power that God taught her, along with other gems of prayer wisdom, to help take the guesswork and stress out of decision-making. Her numerous personal stories, from praying for the best shoes for her daughter to astonishing healings overseas, will motivate you to set apart time with the Lord and tune your ear to His voice during your daily routine. But most importantly, she shows how an ordinary believer like you can receive extraordinary answers to your prayers.

“Learning to partner with God is the heart of this book. In so doing, you, too, will develop an intimate relationship with the Lord and experience miraculous answers to prayer.” –Dr. Jane Glenchur

Are you ready to see the impossible made possible?

“There is so much more to the book than these seven secrets of prayer. It is packed full of practical, helpful teaching and instruction on how to live a more abundant life by staying connected to God.” –Randy Clark, founder and president, The Apostolic Network of Global Awakening


Posted in BOM on March 26, 2015.